Masteroppgåva mi er no lagt ut!

Torsdag, 19 februar 2009

Viss du ønsker å lesa masteroppgåva mi Kifaya – nok er nok, eller fortsatt ved det gamle? – Ein studie av ei egyptisk demokratirørsle
kan du no lasta ho ned på universitetet i Oslo si publiseringsside DUO.

Oppgåva mi handlar om den egyptiske demokratiseringsrørsla Kifaya, om rørsla fekk til måla sine, og om historia til sosiale rørsler i Egypt. Her er eit samandrag på engelsk (men oppgåva er skriven på nynorsk sjølvsagt):

The topic of this theis is the group al-Haraka al-Masriyya min ’ajl al-Taghyir (The egyptian movement for change), also called Kifaya (Enough). The momvement was founded in 2004, and their main demands were an end to the continuation of rule of President Hosni Mubarak, and that Egypt should not become a hereditary presidential system. Their demands were therefore a limit of two presidential terms, and that president Mubaraks son, Gamal Mubarak, should not become the next president. The group had also a broader program for constitutional change.

This thesis places this organization in an Egyptian historical context, and views it in relation to the other opposition parties and movements. The thesis analyzes the actions and ideology of the movement during its first year, within the frames of social movements’ theory, and different definitions of democratization and sivil society.

The conclution of the thesis is that there have been some positive changes in the political system in Egypt, and that the cycles of contention from the antiwar-movement and the Kifaya-movement has contributed to an increasing self-confidense to protest among the Egyptians. But the actual changes in people’s lives are also an important reason for the increase in protests in Egypt the last years.

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